The book… Part I

Over the last 18 months I have been working towards a dream, I never realized I wanted, until it was actually happening. I’ve been creating/writing a book. I find it weird to say writing because a lot of what’s in the book are other people’s stories. Either way, with the help and support of so many Nova Scotian’s I’ve been able to bring these stories to the surface.

So back story.

In 2011 I realized that I had been dealing with depression and anxiety. This led to years worth of adventures, bad days, good days and everything in-between.

Fall 2016, I started college, working towards a diploma in photography.

January 2017, a friend and I started creating images that showed how it feels to deal with mental health. And that it’s not all tears, laying in bed, lack of energy. Don’t get me wrong those things are there. But it can also be hyperactivity, hiding emotions and pushing through and faking everything.



August 2017, I got a concussion. This cause everything to stop until February 2018. I did push through school (don’t know how – to be honest don’t remember either.) My memories of that time frame are far and few between.

August 2018, I attended Duke of Edinburgh International Award-Canada’s Passion to Purpose youth Summit. Throughout the week, there were opportunities to learn, grow and create ideas for community service projects. By the end of the week, I had a fully function idea of what I wanted to do to in order to continue the idea of photography and mental health.

The idea: I was going to create a book of Nova Scotian’s who struggle with mental health. Did I know how. Not at all. That would be figured out later. But I was super excited to start this new project.

Now, here we are a year and a half later. And this part of the project is coming to an end.

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