Super exciting news and update!

Wow. Oh wow. Oh wow. The emotions are real. Today was amazing. There are no words to express how memorable today and this whole weekend has been.

Like I mentioned in my last post, yesterday we ended up doing a lot of workshops. They were super informative and practical for not only our projects but also our life stages.


Today, was done a little differently because we were split into two groups. Group A was the youth who are working on a project but haven’t completed them yet and Group B were those of us who have completed a project and were here to upscale our projects.

There were eight of us in Group B. Ranging from all across the country with totally different projects. Each one hit a different issue that Canadians face on a daily basis. There were eight different stories, personalities and passions. But yet the goal of each project was the same. To create a better future for those to come.

Looking back over the day will probably always bring me to tears because the relationships built and strengthend throughout this whole process have been incredible. Friends for life were made over these last 48 hours. Which is amazing to think about. In 48 hours we were able to get to know each other well enough that no amount of distance can destroy the bound we have over wanting to see each other succeed and longing to make the world a better place.

Education, connection, communication that each project will continue to provide is pivotal for creating a better future.

I am so incredibly be grateful to be able to have had the chance to get up in front of a panel, purmysekd and my project our there and ask CEOs if they think my idea is worth $10.000. Opportunities like this do not come around every day. They are far and few between. Especially since I didn’t pay to travel half across the county, got fee lodging and has my meals taken care. Like what?!?

Anyway, now to the good stuff. . . .

So many emotions from these last few days! Having to say goodbye is bitter sweet. First off, I am super pumped to announce that after pitching my scale up project in yesterdays Duke Den put on by the Duke of Edinburgh International Award – Canada and the Canada Service Corp I recieved $10,000 and continuous mentorship from the dragons to continue growing P4P!!!!


Secondly, I am so so so proud of my fellow Duke mates who also killed it in their pitches and are doing such amazing projects. Can’t wait to see where your projects take you guys! You guys are going to go far and truly make a difference in our world.

Third, to the inspiring women who I reconnected with this weekend. You all are amazing! Your projects are fantastic. Your story’s are inspirational. Your strength and courage are admirable. You all mean so much to me and I am so thankful to know you and be able to call you friend. I love you girls!

Last but not least, I want to give a shout out to all the incredible women in my life who have helped shape me, challenged me and watched me grow. Wouldn’t have done this with out you.


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