Passion to Purpose Boot Camp Part 1

I am in Toronto this weekend attending the Duke of Edinburghs (DofE) Passion to Purpose Bootcamp. The goal of this weekend it to help those of us who have already completed a service project, upscale it and for those who haven’t completed their project to be equipped with the resources to complete them.

We are at the Kingsbridge Conference Centre just outside down town.

There are about 60 of us in total. !0 upscaling and 50 starting. Our weekend started last night. We had a great dinner, enjoyed some free time and did some team building activities.

Today, we will be spending most of the day in workshops and then tonight we will be having a networking dinner with CEO’s and Organizations from across Canada.

Tomorrow, will be more workshops and then in the afternoon, those of us who are upscaling will be participating in the Duke of Ed’s version of Dragons Den. So we will be pitching our ideas to a pannel who will l decide if the amount we are asking is suitable and attainable. We have a chance to ask up to $10,000. It’s a guarantee that everyone will go home with something, so we really need to be precise and on point when creating our pitch and budget.

The workshops are run by volunteers from the DofE’s network and topics vary in range but are all based around being successful in the grown up world.

The power of networking

Marketing and creating your brand

Powerful pitching and communication

Public Relations

Planning and grant writing

For those of us who are participating in the duke den we have a little bit more in our schedule.

We are going to be interviewed individually, we have professional speaker coming in to help coach us with our pitch (not sure where they’re going to fit that in but we’ll see).

We have another workshop that will be dedicated just for us to practice our pitch and finish our presentations – most of us created a slide show. Tomorrow we will only have a max of 7 minutes to do our pitch so it’s really important that we are short, sweet and to the point.

All in all it should be a great weekend. Lots of learning, networking and reconnecting with youth that we’ve met form the other Passion to Purposes events.

I’ll be doing my best to update along the way, as there will be lots of information to share and it would make this blog post way too long if I waited to put everything in to one.

So stay tuned.

Thanks everyone!


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