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One word, DEPRESSION: an illness marked by feelings of sadness, worthlessness, or hopelessness, as well as problems concentrating and remembering details. A word often avoided. Everyone one time or another has dealt with depression. Some more than others. Struggling with depression is nothing to be ashamed about and it an illness that everyone should be aware of and know how to cope with. It is real. It has the ability to make people want to change for the worse. It is hard to overcome.

What is depression? In ONE word describe depression. Whether you’ve dealt with it or not. When you hear the word depression what do you think?

One word: LIFELESS. When I’m dealing with my depression I feel lifeless. Depression tends to drain all energy and motivation I have until it gets to the point where I just lay in bed feeling nothing. Wondering what the point is to keep going.

One word: EDUCATION Depression. One of the many things we need to be educated about. How can we as a community help each other cope with our struggles? Are there ways we can work together to fight back against depression? No one wants to feel alone, therefore, we NEED to be ganging up and fighting together. It’s time to start educating ourselves about mental illness that way we can become stronger and have the ability to fight harder. I’m choosing education as my word for depression. Because the more I learn the more powerful I feel. Join the movement and head over to your local mental health association and learn as much as your brain can handle in order to equip yourself for battle.

Keep fighting Y’all!

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