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A collaboration with Kurtis, creator of Nutrimentality (@nutrimentalityca) to cultivate content in a series of posts that focus on how nutrition has an effect on mental health

Take time to ponder how your brain is always “on”. It manages every thought, movement, and sense continuously throughout our lives. Even while we are sleeping it is working hard managing heart rate, relaxation, and emotions. To put it simply, our brains are our most important organ and need a constant supply of fuel. The quality of this fuel is based on the quality of our food. There’s an emerging field of nutritional science that is correlating nutrition to mental health. Its main principle is that what you eat directly affects your brain and, ultimately, your mood.


You are what you eat- in fact, that’s exactly true. We take in food to replenish cells with essential nutrients that make up the entirety of our body. Food greatly impacts mood, health, and overall lifestyle.

As most of you know, I created Pics 4 Passion when I realized how vital photography is to my journey with depression and anxiety. In 2016, myself and a close friend started creating images that sparked educational conversations about mental health and how it really feels because rarely does the media get it right. As Pics 4 Passion grows and I learn more about the human body and how what we do whether it be eating food, exercising, hobbies, schools and/or our job has an effect on our mental well being.

Photography has this empowering aspect to it because like they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” so why not use photography as a means to spread awareness and education. By using photography we can start hard but necessary conversations that may not happen without the visual prompt. Pics 4 Passion is dedicated to starting those conversations through photography and bringing in outside experts to help on the education side of things.

During the summer of 2019 I have had the pleasure of meeting Kurtis Collins, who created Nutrimentality, a blog that he started after realizing the internet is full of trend diets, cleanses, and self-proclaimed experts telling you what and how to eat. His goal is to present clear, science-backed information and inspire people to take control of their diet and nourish their state of mind.

Kurtis and his project left a mark on me, and during a conference in early March, we decided to collaborate on a project of our own. Fuel You Potential. Our main goal is to establish a safe, healthy space on our blogs that focus on nutritional awareness. We are going to collaborate on a series of posts together and focus on both nutrition and mental health and how they relate.

Some things to look forward to are some articles on mindfulness, sugars, the components of a healthy diet. We may post about current topics such as eating in isolation and how to cope with what could be an entire change to a diet as we change our routines.

This project is a very important one for us. We can’t wait to begin working on content together. But until then, we wanted to end off with some resources we think are very useful.

You can find Kurtis at www.nutrimentality.ca and @nutrimentalityca on instagram. Head over to her socials to see her posts!







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