First Workshop!


Today, I got to run my first ever workshop based on my book! It was so much fun. A huge learning curve as it was my first one but still so enjoyable.

A few weeks ago, my grandmother reached out to me letting me know that they had a friend who was interested in talking to me about my book. It turned out that this person is the Executive Director (ED) for the Old School Community Gathering Place. They run a program designed to help youth learn life skills, so they can either go out and get a job or have the requirements to go back to school. All the youth get paid to be in this project. So it’s really a win win for everyone.

The ED reached out asking if I would be willing to run a workshop for the youth. Tell my story, do some ice breakers and facilitate a conversation. Excited nerves filled my body. I had only every done workshops on aquatics or first aid. So doing one not only myself but also a little bit of mental health was a whole new ball park.

The workshop ran for an hour and a half. Started off with me talking about my journey, then going into how I created the book and then were my life was headed now. Followed by some questions and then an ice breaker. The activity didn’t go as well as I had hoped but I can identify what went wrong which is helpful for future events. We spent most of the time talking about their goal and struggles and answering a questions or comments they had about my story. All in all it was a super productive and educational morning for all.

Getting to know the youth and seeing them open up as time went on was magical.

I can’t wait for the next one. I don’t know when it will be yet, but I’m ready for round two!

Thanks for listening.

I believe in you!


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