We just wanted to give everyone a little update of where P4P is at now.  

Over the last few weeks there hasn’t been a lot of time out into P4P due to family commitments and finals in school. This doesnt mean we completely stopped working on growing P4P we just realized that there were other things that needed to take priority for a little while.  

Now, that exams are over and things seem to be getting back on track in personal and work lives it’s time to get into the swing of things again.  

So what does that mean you may ask?  

P4P is currently not a registered organization so step number 1 is to start that process. This includes a lot of paperwork and creation of governing documents, I.e. constitution and by-laws. We also need to come up with an action plan for creating a board of directors.

Hannah will be dedicating these next few weeks to creating a rough draft of these documents and then getting professional help to finalize them. There will also be an application for becoming a Director put out in the spring.

Right now, this is a rough timeline for 2019.  

March – finish rough draft of book  

April – Next event

May – Complete rough drafts

June – Send out application for BoD  

July – start registration process  

August – Be a registered organization  

September – Launch book and P4P  

October – begin normal operations  

This timeline is subject to change but right now this is what we are dealing with.  

Just thought I would let you all know.  

Have a great day!  


we must work together to become a force that’s stronger than ever.

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