I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped P4P slowly get off the ground! Your support and encouragement have made a world of difference.

P4P Pain vs Passion Project is coming together really well and I could not have done it without YOU!

I have been shooting for 100 people and with your help have been able to photograph 53 people, most of which have happened in the last three months. Looking forward to continuing this forward movement and finding the next 50 people. Goal is to finish this project, late fall. So if you know anyone who wants to be involved, please send them this way!

It has been an incredible journey so far. I’ve been able to meet some super incredible people and explore some new places. I am so looking forward to watching the rest of this project come together!


Stay tuned for a new project launching in the fall! It will be announced shortly!




We just wanted to give everyone a little update of where P4P is at now.  

Over the last few weeks there hasn't been a lot of time out into P4P due to family commitments and finals in school. This doesnt mean we completely stopped working on growing P4P we just realized that there were other things that needed to take priority for a little while.  


Now, that exams are over and things seem to be getting back on track in personal and work lives it's time to get into the swing of things again.  

So what does that mean you may ask?  

P4P is currently not a registered organization so step number 1 is to start that process. This includes a lot of paperwork and creation of governing documents, I.e. constitution and by-laws. We also need to come up with an action plan for creating a board of directors. 

Hannah will be dedicating these next few weeks to creating a rough draft of these documents and then getting professional help to finalize them. There will also be an application for becoming a Director put out in the spring. 


Right now, this is a rough timeline for 2019.  

March - finish rough draft of book  

April - Next event

May - Complete rough drafts 

June - Send out application for BoD  

July - start registration process  

August - Be a registered organization  

September - Launch book and P4P  

October - begin normal operations  


This timeline is subject to change but right now this is what we are dealing with.  


Just thought I would let you all know.  


Have a great day!  


we must work together to become a force that's stronger than ever. 

P4P's Community Night

Let me just start by saying how incredible last night was. The creation of this event was not only fun but taught me so many lessons about management and organization. It was truly an amazing evening. 


We were so honoured to have everyone show up despite the nasty weather. Many connections were made and first steps of P4P were taken. 

Special guest included board members from the MHF of NS, Duke of Edinburgh and Tony Ince, Minister of Afriancan Nova Scotian Affairs and the Public Service Commission. 

Between the silent auction and the donation bin we were able to raise over $500 (pause for a minute of screaming) for the IWK mental health and addictions program and the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. Gratitude and appreciation do not begin to scratch the surface of how over the moon we are.  


The night was filled with conversation and music, thanks to the incredible artist who gave up their time and prprovided their talent to keep the guests entertained and engaged.  


If this is how the rest of 2019 will go for P4P then we are in for one heck of a year!  


Thank you for all your support and see you all next time! 

Hannah and the P4P team


left to right, Tony Ince, Divya Thomas and Hannah Jackson 

Some of the artist that played last night. 


One Word

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 12.04.27 PM.png

One word, DEPRESSION: an illness marked by feelings of sadness, worthlessness, or hopelessness, as well as problems concentrating and remembering details. A word often avoided. Everyone one time or another has dealt with depression. Some more than others. Struggling with depression is nothing to be ashamed about and it an illness that everyone should be aware of and know how to cope with. It is real. It has the ability to make people want to change for the worse. It is hard to overcome.

What is depression? In ONE word describe depression. Whether you've dealt with it or not. When you hear the word depression what do you think?

One word: LIFELESS. 
When I'm dealing with my depression I feel lifeless. Depression tends to drain all energy and motivation I have until it gets to the point where I just lay in bed feeling nothing. Wondering what the point is to keep going.

Depression. One of the many things we need to be educated about. How can we as a community help each other cope with our struggles? Are there ways we can work together to fight back against depression? No one wants to feel alone, therefore, we NEED to be ganging up and fighting together.
It's time to start educating ourselves about mental illness that way we can become stronger and have the ability to fight harder. I’m choosing education as my word for depression. Because the more I learn the more powerful I feel. Join the movement and head over to your local mental health association and learn as much as your brain can handle in order to equip yourself for battle.

Keep fighting Y’all!

But She Smiled....


This is a little poem I wrote a while back. Sometimes, when I’m having a rough time and I and I’m trying to find ways to explain my feelings to someone else, I run hypothetical conversations through my head. And this happened to be my answer in that conversation. As I gave it some more thought, I decided to write it down. To my surprise it made sense to me. I hope it also makes sense to you.

Thanks! Hannah

“At age 5, she knew no different. She played in mud, washed dolls hair. But smiled all the time.

At age 7, she knew no different. Dress up and cops and robbers were her go to. But she smiled all the time.

At age 9, she knew no different. Hormones and changes came into play. Struggles in school, picking sides and introductions with stress. But she smiled all the time.

At age 12, she knew no different. Kids told her she was great but then talked about her behind her back. But she smiled all the time.

At age 13, she knew knew no different. Girls used her to get to her brother never wanting to actually talk to her. Drawing the short straw in life, never seemed so real. But she smiled all the time.

At age 14, she knew no different. No friends, no job, alone and in the dark. Told “depression and anxiety will rule your life”.  But she smiled all the time

At age 15, she knew no different. Thoughts of self harm filled her head, thinking others would be better off if she were dead. But she smiled all the time.

At age 16, she knew no different. Struggling more and more each and every day. Blood dripping down her wrist and no food in her stomach. Gasping for air. Trying to just get out of bed. But she smiled all the time.

At age 17, she knew no different. Wondering if there was a target on her back, trying to figure out why guys seemed to love her body but not her personality and yet still feeling too fat. But she smiled all the time.
At age 18, she knew no different. At college, alone again. Finding her purpose, her passion, her reason for being here seemed impossible. But she smiled all the time.

At age 19, she knew no different. Legal now, able to participate in society's expectations and yet still feeling like an outsider. Depression and anxiety running at full steam now. But she smiled all the time.

At age 20, she became different. Still filled with depression and anxiety. But NOW having been educated about her struggle and getting the support she needed to fight back, she can truly smile all the time.

At age 21, she knew the difference. Fighting hard every day, never giving up, asking for help when needed. But smiling all the time.”

Keto With Grace

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 1.44.28 PM.png

Hello Friends!

I just wanted to share this amazing project that a friend of mine is doing. It goes through the motions of cooking healthy meals for yourself and taking care of your body.

Grace is strong women who cares for the health of her friends which is why she started doing these. Brand new to her project are podcasts!

I highly recommend checking her stuff out. You will probably learn something new on how to better care for yourself. - You can also find this website in the self care drop down menu.

Till next time!