Created by Hannah Jackson + Friends & mentors who encouraged her and provided help when needed and available.

Our Mission

Pics 4 Passion is an organization that supports young people in learning and implementing self care into daily routines as well as encouraging them to pursue their passion and hobbies as coping mechanisms. Striving to encourage young people to continue or start implementing skills, passions and hobbies into their daily routine that are healthy for the body as a whole.

The Start

Hannah has struggled with mental health concerns since winter of 2013/2014. These challenges have paved the way for her to fall even more in love with photography. From the moment she picked up her first camera she realized that this was how she would be able to get through her hard times, allowing her to escape normal life for hours on end, going for walks with music and her camera.

When she started college in Fall of 2016, her devotion to photography and exploring had become the centremost aspect of her life. As she learned more about her passion and the opportunities it brought with it, she realized there was more that she could be doing. After brainstorming this thought, one day she attempted to show how mental health feels through the use of photographs. After asking a few friends to help her, she was able to create a collection of images that visually displayed how each person felt on their darkest day.


Once spring 2017 came around, p4p started to slow down. Hannah was trying to wrap up the school year and find summer employment. Part way through the summer she got a concussion, causing her mental health to go downhill, bringing p4p to a stop. As much as she wanted to continue it, she couldn’t seem to scrounge up the energy or drive to pick up her camera. December 2017, she hit her head again, causing the concussion to worsen and putting her out of commission for a month. The concussion and a few other major life mishaps throughout the next 6 months made the thought of graduating from college, let alone continuing p4p seemed like a mere pipe dream.

Graduation came for all those involved in p4p and this led to many decisions on what to do and where to go next. June and July were filled with finding jobs. Part way through July, Hannah was accepted to The Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program - Passion to Purpose, Youth Summit in Regina, SK. P2P took place in mid-August. Throughout the week, young Canadians from across the country came together with ideas that would provide them ways to give back to their communities. The participants listened to motivational speakers, brain stormed with each other, explored, cleaned up the community and much more. At the end of the week, Taking It Global and Duke of Edinburgh announced that there was grants to help make their ideas a reality.

While in Regina, Hannah had ideas come to mind about new ways to continue P4P. Throughout the week, she received the feedback and motivation to start planning what was going to happen next for p4p. When she got back home, she put one of her ideas out to her friends and asked if it was reasonable and feasible. This is when Pain vs Passion was born. From there the ideas extended, and the support continued to grow.

That brings us to now.

Hannah continues to create the book Pain Vs Passion, and this website will continually be updated with self-care tools & tips and to encourage others to use their passion for a few things: a way to healthily express themselves, a way to help others, and last but not least, to use their passions as a healthy way to cope when mental health worsens. P4P hopes to begin raising funds to support others with costs of medication and counselling,

Thanks for taking the time to read this except of the project, and I hope P4P will be helpful to you. If you want to get involved in any of the projects please feel free to reach out. It takes an entire community to change how mental health is viewed. Let’s work together to stop the stigma and increase accessibility of resources that will help those who need it most.

Light painting is one of Hannah’s favourite things to do when depression has hit her hard.

Light painting is one of Hannah’s favourite things to do when depression has hit her hard.

More About Our Founder

5 Things to know about Hannah.

  1. She was homeschooled (P-12)

  2. She is a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Achiever

  3. She’s a First Aid instructor and a Medaling National Lifeguard.

  4. She has a diploma in Photography from Nova Scotia Community College

  5. Believe’s she should have lived in a country that would actually have 4 seasons instead of… rain, spring, rain, summer, rain, fall, cold rain, winter, rain, ice, summer, winter and rain all in the span of a week.

    “My name is Hannah. I am an east coast Canadian, living life behind the lens of the camera. I've been interested in photography since 2010, but it has only been since 2015, that my hobby started to turn into something bigger.

    When I'm not with a client you can find me, exploring someplace new, re-exploring somewhere I don't know very well or hanging out with my friends and family. However, during the warmer months you will almost always find me in or around the water. Surfing and paddle boarding are my go to’s. I could live anywhere so long as the ocean is only a short drive away. I'm a rookie yoga enthusiast, trying headstands at every new place end up.

    I have dealt with Mental Health issues since 2013. They have taught me about myself and the people around me. Some of my darkest days are what helped inspire me to create P4P.

    During my dark times, I tend to lose sight of what’s important to me, my faith, my family & friends and my passions. All of these got tucked away into a little box that doesn’t get opened until I’m a little bit better. Up until recently that was always my way of dealing with stress. Shut myself off everything until I’ve fixed myself. But now, having gotten the help I needed. I can stand strong in my faith, actually be happy and appreciate the time spent with family and friends as well as being able to use what I’m passionate about to help my through my next dark period.

    I know, not everyone is going to believe or agree with the same things as me, but I do know that there’s nothing that can stop me from trying to give back to my community and shedding a bit of light and hope through these dark times. ”

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Photo by: Kelci Wood