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Pain V Passion

Hannah travelled around the province of Nova Scotia photographing individuals who have struggled with mental health.

Taking two photos of each individual. One with tape and one without.
The tape one will have four (4) words that describe you at your worst and then the non tape photo without the words, BECAUSE our mental health struggles do not define us. These photos are taking in a place that represents the individual.

Collecting these images along with stories that explain how something you're passionate about what helped you through your hardest time(s).

If this is something you want to be apart of please reach out. The goal is to make this a never ending project.


Pics 4 Passion (P4P) is an ever-growing project that is grateful for the help you provide for the continuation of the organization and all that it entails.
There are few ways P4P would appreciate your assistants.
The best way to help is to take care of yourself. It’s hard to pour into others when the glass is almost empty.
Share with your family and friends about your own journey or things you’ve learned. Keep the conversation growing and going in a positive direction.
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