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March 30th 12-4pm

Zatzman Sportsplex

Food, Door prizes and free books!


For youth by youth

Join a team of local haligonian's as they share what they have created with the help of #RisingYouth Grants Leaders Today and www.mindyourmind.ca with the amazing support of Laing House and Heartwood Centre for Community Youth Development

We have created a book! Anchor! The book goes through a series of things, from journal promote, drawing pages, calendars self care tips, mood trackers and much more!

There will be free food, Lists of Halifax Mental Health Recourses, door prizes and much more!

In September of 2018, the mindyourmind team went to Halifax, NS to work with local youth through the Canada Service Corps initiative. The goal of the project was to co-create a mental health resource specific to the needs of the Halifax community, as identified by the youth.

mindyourmind, staff from HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development, Laing House and 10 youth from Halifax: Alanna, Alex, Angelique, Carrie, Hannah, Harley, Kayla, Keona and Pilaa.

mindyourmind worked with Heartwood Centre for Youth Community Development and Laing House to recruit youth who are passionate about mental health and being involved in their community. We had a two and a half day Design Studio followed by webinars. Over the course of the Design Studio and the subsequent webinars we were able to identify the top issues facing youth in Halifax. Following this, the group decided they wanted to create a video series and an interactive mental health workbook. They are also developing a promotional strategy to disseminate the resources across the city.

We recognize that mental health programs are not “one size fits all”. We wanted to provide youth with the opportunity to create a mental health resource that is specifically suited to the Halifax area. When resources are co-created and targeted they are more effective. Additionally this process provided the youth valuable skills and transferable experience they can utilize in the future.

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