Pics 4 Passion (P4P) is an organization that supports young people in learning and implementing self care into daily routines as well as encouraging them to pursue their passion and hobbies as coping mechanisms.

P4P was created because there was a need in our generation to start educating people how mental health actually feels, instead of continuing to believe the stereotypes.

This project started with images that were created after working with an individual and having a conversation with them about how their low days feel to them, and not what others think.




P4P is designed to always be searching for the positive in life. Focusing on healthy living: eating right, exercising, asking for help when you needed it as well as recognizing and accepting that healthy looks different in different people. P4P was created because of a spark that turned into a full blown passion. It’s our goal to continue this spark and encourage others to pursue their passion. Because when you’re doing what you love, the world seems to become a little bit smaller but the dreams become bigger.


The start

Hannah has struggled with mental health concerns since winter of 2013/2014. These challenges have paved the way for her to fall even more in love with photography.

When she started college in Fall of 2016, her devotion to photography and exploring had become the centremost aspect of her life. As she learned more about her passion and the opportunities it brought with it, she realized there was more that she could be doing. After brainstorming this thought, one day she attempted to show how mental health feels through the use of photographs. After asking a few friends to help her, she was able to create a collection of images that visually displayed how each person felt on their darkest day.



We will be taking two phots of each individual. One with tape and one without.
The tape one will have four (4) words that describe you at your worst and then the non tape photo without the words, BECAUSE our mental health struggles do not define us. These photos are taking in a place that represents the individual.

We are collecting these images along with stories that explain how something you're passionate about got you through your hardest time(s).

We are still looking for brave individuals who are ready to stand up against the stigma.


Take action

Pics 4 Passion (P4P) is an ever-growing project that is grateful for the help you provide for the continuation of the organization and all that it entails.

There are few ways P4P would appreciate your assistants.

The best way to help is to take care of yourself. It’s hard to pour into others when the glass is almost empty.

Third, if you want to get tangibly involved, you can join us in raising funds to help offset cost for those who can’t afford medication or counselling. More tangible options will be coming soon!

Soon you will be able to sign up for our newsletter and get a hit up with all the latest news and self help tips.