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Here's to a healthier and more accepting Generation

Vision: One day, being healthy in mind, body, and spirit will not be a news resolution; it will be an everyday activity.
MISSION Supporting youth by encouraging them to pursue their passions and hobbies while using them as healthy coping mechanisms and raising awareness surrounding mental wellness.


Pics 4 Passion at a Glance

A Distinct Project

P4P is always designed to be searching for the positive in life. Focusing on healthy living: eating right, exercising, asking for help when you needed it, and recognizing and accepting that healthy looks different in different people. P4P was created because of a spark that turned into a full-blown passion. It’s our goal to continue this spark and encourage others to pursue their passion. Because when you’re doing what you love, the world seems to become a little bit smaller and dreams become bigger.



Bringing Change



One Step at a Time


Helping The Community



Reinforcing our Commitment

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